Serialized Videos that Engage Design Professionals


Paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams creates a color forecast palette every year that helps homeowners, paint contractors, home builders, property managers and design professionals make faster on-trend color selections. How could the brand extend the initial release of that color forecast into a story that keeps audiences engaged year-round?


What we knew: 90 percent of consumers say video helps them make purchase decisions, and 64 percent say seeing videos increases their likelihood to buy.

So we helped Sherwin-Williams create a Color of the Month campaign, designed to celebrate one color each month from that year’s annual color forecast — from January’s Poised Taupe to December’s Radish. The goal: create a highly engaging, sustainable video series on a predictable cadence that would engage and consistently re-engage a variety of audiences, from homeowners to building professionals.


Our videos were designed to run 30 seconds, with even shorter social media GIFs and tight edits as support. Each month would tell a unique story about how a particular color resonates with a trend and can transform an interior space.

We concepted videos that could be created predominantly through animation, stock video and stock music. This consistent, customizable approach was able to pivot efficiently from the calm of a color like Adriatic Sea to the energy of Exuberant Pink.


The videos have been a huge hit, and the client has re-upped the program for consecutive years. Followers of Sherwin-Williams continue to get the feeling of being in a subscription-level relationship with the brand, with content that can’t be missed.

The videos perform strongly when deployed in email, and are consistently among Sherwin-Williams’ top performing social media content. The monthly videos create important touchpoints that keep Sherwin-Williams top of mind as a trend-setter in the world of color.

Our Work